Excess Baggage Services Delhi

Required Documents

  • Photocopies of Passport along with VISA copy
  • Self attested copy of Ticket
  • An Authorization letter (Download)
  • Details of Sender and receiver along with contact no. (Download)
  • Packing list of goods:-A list describing the contents of each package as well as a value assigned to each item. (Download)
  • Travel/Departure certificate: - This certificate is required, if the goods need to be sent after the departure of shipper from India. Airlines will check your travel record and issue a departure certificate. (Download)
  • Purchase bill for new Items
  • Customs Baggage Declaration Form- This is the customs form that must be duly completed, signed by the shipper
  • Key of the luggage , goods will be open for examination in presence of Custom Officials, after examination Pkgs will lock again through key and we will put the key in envelope along with other relevant documents and will send the same at destination